Tulsa Artists’ Coalition @ AHHA 2022

This year marks the 33rd Tulsa Artists’ Coalition (TAC)  juried exhibition. Selected from many submissions, the objects on view represent 99 recent works by 65 local TAC artist members. TAC is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization of artists and art supporters, formed to encourage and support emerging and established contemporary artists, and to foster the development of new forms and multidisciplinary work in Tulsa and surrounding communities. Learn more at www.tacgallery.org.

Juror: Marjorie Bontemps (IIA Board Member)

A curator and a contemporary cultural photographer based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Marjorie spent several years in France where she observed early the value that art has on society.  While schooled in the art of ancient Mesopotamia and Renaissance art, Marjorie’s interest as a curator is to innovate the way contemporary and non-Western art are seen, understood, and disseminated to visitors. To “explore alternative spaces and interpretations of how African and Black American artwork plays a role in how they are being represented in Western museums around the world.”

Marjorie has worked as an independent curator and art consultant since 2008. She received a B.A. in Classics at the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a Master’s Degree from the University of Tulsa in Museum Science and Management. Marjorie studied Art History and Cultural Studies at the Institut Catholique de Paris in France. “I have always had a fascination for art and antiquities. Art can express the agency of humanity as well as understanding cultural aspects of the human experience and how people in different places live and understand the world around them.”

She served as a board member in numerous art organizations and as a juror in several art shows in Tulsa, OK. She is a member of and currently serves on the board of directors of Inclusion In Arts, based in Oklahoma City, and serves on the committee of the Tulsa Studio Art Tour – Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition.  She also administers her skills to curatorial projects for young emerging artists and gallery selection committees. Marjorie received the Governor’s Arts Award-Community Service in the Arts Award at the Oklahoma Arts Council in 2013, was selected as a recipient of 2018 Curatorial Residency at Otis College of Arts & Design in Los Angeles, and a Fellow at Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC) – Oklahoma Art Writing Curatorial Fellowship in 2018-2019.