Inclusion in Art – Spirit of Color

Spirit of Color is an expression of identity and culture through the arts. It is supporting and advocating for diverse groups of artists and making a place for their unique perspectives. It is challenging the norm and having the courage to be true to one’s self. It is the culmination and celebration of the artistic careers of artists Mary Ann Moore, Edward Grady, Marty Avrett, Wallace Owens, Corazon Watkins, Rose and Melvin Smith, Michi Susan and Al Bostick. Hosted by the Oklahoma Hall of Fame at the Gaylord-Pickens Museum.

This exhibition is an overdue honor for many artists of color in Oklahoma who, despite the difficulties minorities have experienced in our state’s history, paved the way for younger generations. Spirit of Color showcases works by nine prolific artists of color living in Oklahoma, whom we wish to honor for their long-standing commitment to the arts, community, sacrifice, and achievements. These individuals have participated in our communities as educators, curators and outstanding practicing artists, finding national and international success.

Inclusive practices and initiatives promoting diversity were not always welcomed in our communities and the same can be said for Oklahoma’s growing and thriving arts community. Our hope is that this exhibit will not only educate but also inspire all Oklahoma artists to continue making art.

Special thanks to our presenting sponsor Fowler Automotive.

Inclusion in Art is a non-profit visual arts organization dedicated to promoting racial and cultural diversity in Oklahoma’s visual arts community, through exhibitions, workshops, creative projects and lectures. With an emphasis on collaboration, Inclusion in Art seeks to continue supporting artists of color by connecting communities through socially conscious presentations that challenge the mind and embrace progressive thought.

Review: Artists exhibit “Spirit of Color” (via The Oklahoman)

There is a lot of work to dazzle and delight the eye, as well as express “culture and identity,” in the “Spirit of Color” exhibit. Called an “overdue honor” for the nine artists in the show, it is at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame Gaylord-Pickens Museum, 1400 Classen Drive. Read more….