Maria Chaverri at Rooted Barber + Shop 8/17/19

Rooted Barber + Shop has inducted their second artist in residence, Maria Chaverri, for a solo exhibit through October. The community is invited out to attend her Artist Talk taking place on Saturday, August 17th from 7:00pm – 9:00pm to learn more about her story, artwork and to celebrate one of Oklahoma’s emerging local artists.

Born in the United States with Costa Rican parents, Maria grew up in a household that was not entirely one or the other. Her multicultural upbringing, speaking Spanish with family, English with classmates, and traveling across the international borders between her two homes generated her interest in travel from a young age. Chaverri turned to photography and writing to capture their fascinating stories and share her own adventures. “I engage people with whom I cannot communicate with through a common language. And I open my heart to all people and places, so that I uncover the majestic qualities of this earth” Maria shared.

Through a competitive application process, Maria was selected to display her photography from around the world. Whether you’d like to get a haircut, view the artwork or both; Rooted and Inclusion In Art invite the community to view Maria’s exhibit.