ArtScience Prize

artscience prizeInclusion in Art has partnered with Creative Oklahoma for the innovative youth program ArtScience Prize! The Oklahoma ArtScience Prize is a year-long after school competition through which high school students develop innovative art and design ideas informed by concepts at the frontiers of modern science.




The ArtScience Prize is a catalyst for student learning through passionate pursuit of innovative art and design ideas at the cutting edge of science. The ArtScience Prize fuses a decade of experience working with Boston teens in the arts at the Cloud Foundation with an innovative “Idea Translation Lab” model of experience-based education developed at Harvard University by David A. Edwards: Cloud Foundation founder, Harvard professor, and author ofArtscience: Creativity in the Post-Google Generation(Harvard Press 2008) and The Lab: Experiments in ArtScience (HarvardPress 2010). It has received international media and institutional attention as a model for innovation education.