ORDER: Interactive Installation Art by Mandy Messina 6/9/17

Mandy Messina is an interdisciplinary artist exploring ideas around Systems and the Individuals’ role within such apparatus. Current work focuses on the disruptive capabilities of fiction as a point of access.

This exhibition is divided into two parts: an installation and an interactive piece, which the participants are encouraged to engage with:

Chaos (installation); This installation features both familiar and unfamiliar silhouettes, suspended in the space. Individual pieces form a collective whole, the shape of which changes as a result of stimuli (wind and movement, shadows from lighting changes, etc.)

Order (interactive installation):

  • The grid features silhouettes of recognizable and unrecognizable objects, animals and people.
  • Participants are encouraged to interact with the grid by constructing a game for themselves.
  • Feel free to articulate your rules on the provided wipe-board, as well as to remove, edit or redact previous rules to create your particular game.
  • Each grid tile is removable.
  • Materials such as tape and chalk-markers are available to supplement your game-creation.
  • The grid will be recorded over the period of two weeks and the resulting footage turned into a time-lapse video.Two Truths – take the time to inscribe two instances of oppression (profiling, discrimination, etc.), write it down on the two separate shapes.