ORDER: Interactive Installation Art by Mandy Messina 7/7/17 Closing Reception

The closing reception for ORDER Installation Art by Mandy Messina is Friday 7/7 from 6:00 – 8:00pm at the 1219 Creative gallery on Classen Blvd. Please join us for a very interesting and different type of art show that you make possible with your engagement. 

Mandy Messina is an interdisciplinary artist exploring ideas around Systems and the Individuals’ role within such apparatus. Current work focuses on the disruptive capabilities of fiction as a point of access.

This exhibition is divided into two parts: an installation and an interactive piece, which the participants are encouraged to engage with:

Chaos (installation); This installation features both familiar and unfamiliar silhouettes, suspended in the space. Individual pieces form a collective whole, the shape of which changes as a result of stimuli (wind and movement, shadows from lighting changes, etc.)

Order (interactive installation):

  • The grid features silhouettes of recognizable and unrecognizable objects, animals and people.
  • Participants are encouraged to interact with the grid by constructing a game for themselves.
  • Feel free to articulate your rules on the provided wipe-board, as well as to remove, edit or redact previous rules to create your particular game.
  • Each grid tile is removable.
  • Materials such as tape and chalk-markers are available to supplement your game-creation.