May Featured Artist: Paul Medina and Beatriz Mayorca

May featured visual artists are Paul Medina and Beatriz Mayorca. Medina, known for his beautiful process driven work showcases his newest abstract collection. Mayorca, originally from Venezula produces work that moves between sculpture, paintings, furniture, home accessories and interior design. 

Paul Medina is showing a series of never before seen mixed media works! We are so honored to have Mr. Medina’s work in our gallery at 1219 Creative. In addition to Paul Medina, we will also have the work of talented Beatriz Mayorca. This brilliant mixed media artist’s work is a combination of industrial installation with various mixed media elements. 

2 thoughts on “May Featured Artist: Paul Medina and Beatriz Mayorca

  1. “Really enjoyed the physicality of Beatriz Mayorca’s work, the elegant tension and seductive play inherent in her sculptures. The textures beg to be touched, and there is a hint of invitation, but then again…maybe no…” Serious Museum quality work in her future, if not now…”

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