Spotlight on Hotspots for Culture Seekers OKC!!!

Chaya Pennington-Fletcher is becoming a household name in the Oklahoma arts community. Together with her business partners, she created Urban Roots, a venue for performing artists, visual artists and so much more. Urban Roots is quickly becoming a beacon for the creative community in terms of diversity in programming and in people who support the venue. Located in the historic Deep Deuce District  Urban Roots represents a revival of business owners of color. Given the history of Deep Deuce, it’s only fitting  that Urban Roots serve as a hub for a multicultural renaissance. Urban Roots features performances from such local talent as multi-genre music artists Adam&Kizzy, Jeff Mims, Grupo AfroCaribeno and more. The also have also shown strong support for the visual arts with exhibitions by mixed media artists Ronnie Zumani Cole and Alex Kathilu.

Support venues such as Urban Roots, a true melting pot of art and culture!

For more information about Urban Roots visit their website at: or contact them by phone at 405 297 9891

Urban Roots is located at 322 NE 2nd Street