Yusuf Etudaiye

Yusuf Etudaiye

Medium: Ceramics

Website: http://www.etudaiye.com/

Artist Bio:

Yusuf Etudaiye is a Contemporary African artist, Born in Nigeria on the west coast of Africa. At the age o f 19, came to the U.S. To study. Went to school at Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, Oklahoma and later transferred to Oklahoma State University where he studied Art.

Etudaiye has worked as a studio potter with a group o f artist at the Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery Studio in the small town o f Canton, Oklahoma Etudaiye Potter Studio is now located in McAlester, Oklahoma. He looks at art, “not just as a matter of talent but rather a process of evolution”. His Christian background has influenced his ability to be patient which is also evident in his pottery. This also accounts for the strong sense of African culture in his work.

Etudaiye has participated in competitive Art Festivals in various parts o f the nation, both regional and national. He has participated in shows such as the International Festival o f the Arts in Houston, Texas, River Fest in Little Rock, Arkansas, Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tulsa International May Fest, Mosaics in Missouri and the National Black Arts Festival o f Atlanta, Georgia.

Etudaiye has won numerous cash awards and ribbons in various levels and all over the nation.

His products are lead free, all are utilitarian products that are usable in both conventional and microwave oven and are dishwasher safe.