Gay Pasley

About Gay Pasley

Gay Pasley’s empathetic photography and gifted storytelling style developed out of lifetime of giving to and connecting with people. Born into a difficult childhood in St. John’s, Antigua, Gay arrived in America as a political refugee at a time when diversity was far from embraced. Having never lost sight of becoming a quality human being, Gay grew into a woman with goals that became accomplishments. From ugly duckling to self made Black Swan, Gay Pasley sees humanity with a depth of understanding that is reflected in her work.

As a mother, Gay learned the beauty of real love and how necessary it is to chronicle the innocence and joy that should be the right of every child. During her time as a hospice nurse, Gay’s appreciation for the value of a life grew into a dedication to provide comfort and support for not only her patients, but their families as well. Gay will tell you she has provided guidance in the birth of babies and walked individuals and families thru their last hours on earth.

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