Emerge 2022/23 Reshon Shirley

Reshon Shirley is a fully self-taught artist who paints botanical pieces with watercolor and ink. Reshon uses these mediums to combine worlds that normally would not exist. By merging the fluidity of watercolor washes and the rigidity of ink shading, she creates a sense of balance between the two mediums. Painting botanicals by way of houseplants and flowers, Reshon is able to give the viewer a glimpse into what it means to forge relationships between humans and the natural world. She wants to show viewers that gazing and caring for plants provides a feeling of peace, joy and even accomplishment. Providing care for something other than ourselves allows us to feel needed. Additionally, looking at something that’s naturally beautiful can cause us to pause for just a minute. In that small instance, all the troubles of the day fade away.

It was at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that she began painting again as a way to pass the time. Flowers and greenery are what brought her the most peace in a time when the world was full of chaos. Reshon has now decided to embark on a full-time creative career with the hopes of bringing this sense of peace to others. She is currently residing in Yukon, Oklahoma with her husband and dog.